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  • RT @RepSwalwell: It’s no hoax - Russia really did interfere with our election, and we’re still investigating the Trump campaign’s role. Let…
    2 days ago
  • RT @BBCWorld: Muslims protest worldwide against Trump https://t.co/2DiqkhaWgX
    2 days ago
  • RT @SenWarren: President Trump’s National Security Advisor pled guilty to a federal crime relating to his contacts with the Russian Governm…
    8 days ago
  • RT @Weinsteinlaw: Unless you want to make @realDonaldTrump very unhappy, DO NOT retweet these photos showing how many more people showed up…
    10 days ago
  • RT @kylegriffin1: Brendan Cox, widower of the late British MP Jo Cox, on MSNBC: “My family is a living consequence of what happens when peo…
    10 days ago