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A Convex Hull Algorithm and its implementation in O(n log h) by Eric Ouellet https://t.co/Ym9NdCOBLB
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Dear Very Kind Clients,

All these products sold at MartinLayooInc site are meant for Windows Operating system, and have been tested to run on all Windows systems from XP to Windows 10.

If you are experiencing any problems running them on Windows, then indeed they require Administrative Permissions. So you should gain administrative privliges by right any app icon, and selecting properties on Windows 10, and in compatibility mode, choose run application as Administrator. Also ensure that when you choose administrative permissions; you also enable other users to run as administrator on the same machine.

This product is only licensed to the buyer, and copyrighted (c) as Intellectual Property of MartinLayooInc. All rights to modify or tamper with any product on the site requires authorization by the owner (MartinLayooInc).

Kind regards
Martin Okello
BEng. MSc.

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The medallion's thoughts can not just simply be dismissed, because they carry weight.

This software:

is for Structural Engineering professionals, used to design High rise structures.

It is used to model high rise structures, and analyses bending moments, shear force distributions and rotations and displacements of relative structural joints depending on a defined structure.

Printing facilities, and Views have been integrated: this software is geared towards professional structure engineers.

FEM (finite element analysis methods of modelling structures) is key as a Civil/Structural Engineering Software. Also example Solutions included in product - in the directory ProblemSolutions where they can be loaded from the installation directory. Capability for Database SQL Server Express and Oracle10g XE incorporated Plus any ADO.NET DBs. This allows Steel properties to be persisted in DB and acquired from DB. All you need is a properties table in your DB with the steel properties as columns. You should also set a primary key (propertyNumber) in DB.

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Hi Customers,

As you may now be aware from the Bloggs discussion on Disqus, all the 3 RSA Crypto-systems have been duly upgraded to allow Keys to be stored on the fly any where on the File system as well as Loaded from any where on the fly from the file system yet again.

Of course this convenience adds on the same pattern that requires passwords when saving keys. At any instance of a store key operation, the current password in the password text box in the main application will be used as the password that will store your key under. There is a default password which should be overwritten if you want to take advantage of this system.

So enjoy the Cryptsystems mentioned, and forward any requests via Disqus blogs or through the Forums section of the site. 
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