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Username: martin.okello, 09/09/2019 04:28:48

Great Thinkers Site

The Brigadier has been battling Angular 6 and .net Core Api 2, with good progress. However the frameworks are so buggy, you begin to wonder why you can't debug code or compile when it was all good then it turns out atrocious.

I have been working on Angular, and I am damn as hell tired of the fact that http requests return observable types, which you can't get data from. Anybody know how to resolve this issue? Using strong typing I get Observable from an http request. I am so bogged down

Framework changes - this is a battle alright. Sucks!! You begin to wonder whether Microsoft are sleeping while releasing, I have already  done half the work, and don't want to retract to MVC 5, and throw away these so called Single Page Frameworks that don't work so good. Jquery served well, now we have rot and SPFs. Screw this from a developer's life.

Great Job, thanks to the Medallion

Username: martinokello, 25/11/2018 10:46:00

Epsilon Communique Churra allows you to communicate in real-time with a multi group of people over an ultra secure network - AES 256 bit File Transfers allows encryption of any file types: Image, Video, word, excel etc. An enhanced Winforms client interface with multi-threading giving short response times.

Ultimate Luo RSA Pyramid Maths Algorithm

Unlike its sibbling applications Epsilon Communique or VPN, Churra integrates RSA 316 Infinito for encrypting complex short messages for ultimate security as it's got in its DNA trend a mechanism for defence mutations, hence its name. Given to Churra in Luo language that recognises the maths adept in Pyramid building in 5000BC. RSA 316 Infinito is not for communication but simply to protect short files on the local machine. These Key file storage can also be persisted to Database and Local File System.

It provides all the basic functionality of Skype/MSN Messenger, however detracts from those applications by allowing a secure Virtual Private Network communication that can't be hacked into from outside the communicating group of individuals. It uses AES 256 bit, TripleDES (3DES), RSA (512 bit, 1024 bit, 2048 bit and 4096 bit) according to user preference.

Username: martin.okello, 30/05/2018 10:07:52
Operations Fulfilled by Epsilon Communique and Epsilon VPN Solution apps are given here: The second a C# Winforms Client connects to the Java Server, an exchange of RSA, AES and 3DES keys is scheduled, thereafter any credentials between client and server is verified and encrypted. Once verified under RSA encryption the password commences the client to enter communication with other participating clients who are verified in the same sense. AES and 3DES keys can be regenerated and re-transmitted and all clients are synced by the server on these keys, while RSA is generated or picked from the database of past keys (in this case limiting the cycle of RSA generation of Keys). An ASP.net Portal MVC 3 application running .net 4, is used to manage RSA, AES, and 3DES keys for a session.
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