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The Brigadier has been battling Angular 6 and .net Core Api 2, with good progress. However the frameworks are so buggy, you begin to wonder why you can't debug code or compile when it was all good then it turns out atrocious.

I have been working on Angular, and I am damn as hell tired of the fact that http requests return observable types, which you can't get data from. Anybody know how to resolve this issue? Using strong typing I get Observable and can't get my hotel instance from it. Screw it, how do I get my data back on subscribe or map from an http request. I am so bogged down with the baggage of mis-interpretations, and a very buggy release of angular. Again my debugger has stopped working in C# backend code, while returned values from my http client requests to API's console.log() as object,object. Screw the developers of Angular Platform to the CROSS.

Framework changes - this is a battle alright. Sucks!! You begin to wonder whether Microsoft are sleeping while releasing done half the work, and don't want to retract to MVC 5, and throw away these so called Single Page Frameworks that don't work good. Jquery served well, now we have rot and SPFs. Screw this from a developer's life.

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Operations Fulfilled by Epsilon Communique and Epsilon VPN Solution apps are given here: The second a C# Winforms Client connects to the Java Server, an exchange of RSA, AES and 3DES keys is scheduled, thereafter any credentials between client and server is verified and encrypted. Once verified under RSA encryption the password commences the client to enter communication with other participating clients who are verified in the same sense. AES and 3DES keys can be regenerated and re-transmitted and all clients are synced by the server on these keys, while RSA is generated or picked from the database of past keys (in this case limiting the cycle of RSA generation of Keys). An ASP.net Portal MVC 3 application running .net 4, is used to manage RSA, AES, and 3DES keys for a session.
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Dear Very Kind Clients,

All these products sold at MartinLayooInc site are meant for Windows Operating system, and have been tested to run on all Windows systems from XP to Windows 10.

If you are experiencing any problems running them on Windows, then indeed they require Administrative Permissions. So you should gain administrative privileges, by right clicking any app icon, and selecting properties on Windows 10, and in compatibility mode, choose run application as Administrator. Also ensure that when you choose administrative permissions; you also enable other users to run as administrator on the same machine.

This product is only licensed to the buyer, and copyrighted (c) as Intellectual Property of MartinLayooInc. All rights to modify or tamper with any product on the site requires authorization by the owner (MartinLayooInc).

Kind regards
Martin Okello
BEng. MSc.

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