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Could you post your feed back and questions with respect to Epsilon VPN solution to either of these addresses:


I look forward to any comments from Geeks like myself.

Kindest regards
Martin Okello.
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Hello GCHQ Crew,

I wonder why I keep writing to you Guys. I feel you placate my very existence. No, actually satiate a burning desire to know those who do the plumbing in geopolitical terms for government, be it negotiations, and assessments to deployment.

Each of you are women I admire, and can only dream of going out with. I had like to know the explicit details of what you do on a day to day basis at work. Assualting super computers for algorithms beyond most of our imaginations or decrypting Alqaida messages. For the love of God, and the world you all do remarkable jobs.

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I probably would not enjoy it, but still the association to one of you in myriad ways would be rewarding. Thanks Megan for writing back once; at least you are human enough to know my frustrations when you don't hear back from those you write to. I am sorry I haven't kept my promise of not writing to you.

In truth, I can't help myself. I am to this date infatuted by females working in laborious governmental high posts, especially where the country could go to dire striaights without.

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