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Dear Customers,

Of recent I released EpsilonVPN Communique 6.0 update which has ironed out some of the bugs which were seen in earlier releases.

With EpsilonVPN Communique came the new ASP.net MVC Management Portal. This can be installed on either IIS 6.0 or IIS 7.0 like a normal ASP.net application without modification and bindings for MVC installed. On creating a Virtual directory, it is best to call the directory: /EpsilonCommuniquePortal, as this will aid AJAX implementations for Key Management.

To access it on your local machine; use the url: http://localhost/EpsilonCommuniquePortal/EpsilonCommuniquePortal.aspx This will run the default Controller EpsilonCommuniquePortalController.
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Tau Elastica Database Integration:

If you would want to use a database to store your Steel Properties in your DB, then run this SQL Script against your DB (SQL Server):

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Properties](
[propertyNumber] [numeric](10, 0) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[crossArea] [numeric](10, 3) NULL,
[yieldStress] [numeric](10, 3) NULL,
[plasticMod] [numeric](10, 3) NULL,
[youngsMod] [numeric](10, 3) NULL,
[secondMomArea] [numeric](10, 3) NULL,
CONSTRAINT [PK__Properties__07020F21] PRIMARY KEY (propertyNumber)

Also note that there is a sql script that comes with the application on download that needs to be run. This script will help you set up your database when run against your database.
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Dear Clients,

I have looked at the file extension problem which indeed would become a major headache.

My implementation suggests that a folder should either have a file with an extension or it should have a name greater than three charachters long.

This is no bug, but if it is reported again, then I will address it. It is the implementation that I used to address files without extensions. Remember, in order to open a file after decrypting, it should be noted what file extension it has; that way it is associated with a Program that opens it.

Like I said this statement is important for the Cryptosystem processing.

Hope that helps.
Martin Okello
Aka The Medallion
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