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AES CryptoSystem

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AES CryptoSystem

Free AES Crypto System is the Advanced Encryption Standard Software established by the National Security Agency in 2000. Free cryptography AES software download. AES 128 bit, 192 bit and 256 bit Cryptography software download.

This software as deemed by NSA is optimum for bulk encryption. The sister application Ultimate AES CryptoSystem, stands a head as it does bulk encryption of all file types, regardless, and recursively encrypts folders and their contents down the sub levels. It uses 3 Key strengths: 128, 192 and the legendary 256 bit Key strength. All optimised for quick processing.

It is very strong encryption for bulk text file processing in encryption, decryption using AES Key Strengths 128, 192 and 256 bits. There are no email smtp support in this simple implementation of AES. You should get Ultimate AES encryption, to recursively folder encrypt folders files and subfolders with their files. This sample AES encryption software you can download from this site. When happy please get Ultimate AES 256 bit encryption software from this site.

AES 256 bit Encryption Software, is part Rijndael cipher and the formation allows AES 256 bit encryption of all file types recursively. Advanced Encryption Software is what the US government conforms all its security to.
Keys are generated within the application and are static: however saying that, there is no way of acquiring the key, as the concept of AES is strong. AES Encryption encrypts single files in text format only - no surprise free.

To Decrypt: Open a file or the result of an encryption and click the Decrypt button having choosen the key strength you encrypted with. Simply AES at its best.