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DESSmtp CryptoSystem

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DESSmtp CryptoSystem

This is the DES Crypto System 2.0 with added functionality for Simple Mail Transfer Protocal. Meaning you can send encrypted text over the internet via TCP/IP stack protocal live wire.

All the hole marks of DES Crypto System 1.0 are retained with the mentioned additions above. Once you send mail, you should disconnect to begin the transfer of mail to the accounts you sent to. receipients are delimited by commas or space charachters. Have Fun!!! Read up on DESCryptoSystem 1.0 to be able to use this cryptosystem effectively.

Remember that all crypto systems I have developed use a keystore file in the installation directory to store binary keys. If you want anybody to decrypt your messages sent over email, send them a copy of the keystore file you used to encrypt the message with. SMTP Enabled allowing File attachments.

Keys are in Keystore folder, and should be backed up before replacement.

Regards Martin Okello BEng. MSc.