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EpsilonVPN Solution

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If you download this product, ensure you download visual J# re-distributable from microsoft either X86 or X64 according to computer, and install.

EpsilonVPN Solution

EpsilonVPN Solution allows you to communicate in realtime with a multi group of people over an ultra secure network - AES 256 bit File Transfers allows encryption of any file types: Image, Video, word, excel etc.

It provides all the basic functionality of Skype/MSN Messenger, however detracts from those applications by allowing a secure Virtual Private Network communication that can't be hacked into from outside the communicating group of individuals. SQLServer Database RSA Key Storage/Management.

It uses TripleDES, RSA (512 bit, 1024 bit, 2048 bit and 4096 bit) according to user preference. Key management, User Management and Host Management can be done via the EpsilonVPN Portal (ASP.net application). The package consists of a Java Server, Multiple Clients, and an ASP.net Management Portal.

The encryption procedures are strong, and it is recommended not to use 4096bit as a result of loss of accuracy in prime number key generation. The best in Sockets Programming and Multi-threading in Java and C#.NET; Virtual Private Network Software at its best: encrypt decrypt using multi strength keys: RSA, Triple DES. SMTP Enabled allowing File attachments. Printing of Communique available.

Transfer files securely with AES 256 bit Strong encryption and communicate in realtime with a multigroup of professionals in your field.