RSA1024 CryptoSystem

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RSA1024 CryptoSystem

This is a 1024 Bit RSA Crypto System which requires a java run-time environment on your machine. RSA 1024 Cryptgraphic encryption software

Used for limited amount of Text, as the keys are quazi keys - often not real and will not do for bulk encryption. It uses Java's BigInteger class which is efficient at generating large primes, and the algorithms are extremely fast, allowing good response times.

The trade off is that the generated Primes are not tested fully to ensure they can act as keys: with this in mind, you will have to generate keys, and try to encrypt and decrypt the same text to ensure that the plain text is retreived again before storing a key.

SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol enabled) allowing users to send encrypted mail via TCP/IP stack live wire; which allows you to encrypt then test the encryption by decrypting the text, and storing the key to persistent storage.

Thereafter you can open a window via the Menu, to send emails. If there is more than one receipient then separate their emails with any of these characters: (, space or ;).

Simply click insert to insert your encrypted text, then fill in email/server details, connect then send mail and disconnect. SMTP Enabled allowing File attachments.

There's an update to the RSA series of Java based applications. Key store has been extended to apply to locations of choice on your file system. These for security require storage of keys with password protection to elevate containment.

Keys are in Keystore folder, and should be backed up before replacement.