RSA256 CryptoSystem

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RSA256 CryptoSystem

RSA 256 CryptoSystem, is a powerful RSA implementation with a 256 bit KEY length and extended padding algorithm. Due to the adhoc process of key generation and encryption cycle, It is equivalent to a 2048 bit RSA Crypto System as a result of the mutating message padding random algorithm.

However the algorithm used in its development and implementation, is so extreme that breaking it is in effect like breaking a 2048 bit key or higher Key.

It is not just RSA, but a drastic crypto system implementation of RSA at its best. Due to the full nature of RSA, it is a slow algorithm good for limited encryption procedures.

Just type in your messages or upload a message via the File Menu, request the key via password to encrypt the message or alternatively generate a new key. A new key pair for public encryption procedures are generated on clicking the Key Gen Button. SMTP Enabled allowing File attachments.

Keys are in Keystore folder, and should be backed up before replacement.

The Ultimate no play no game software; for super strong limited RSA Encryption - Encrypt your files, and information you don't want the government or Spies acquiring.

See you dude Alvista.

Regards Aka The Medallion.