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RSA 316 Infinito CryptoSystem

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RSA 316 Infinito CryptoSystem

RSA 316 bit Infinito CryptoSystem, is a 316 bit RSA Cryptosystem, that can't be matched in power of encryption. It relies on initially first distorting the plain text message by Random Series sub-injection, and adding mutating padding to the messages randomly.

The method of random series injection is unrivalled, if not the most adept and powerful system. This sub-injections of bits into the original message prior to full RSA bit encryption ensures that even if the Key was broken, deciphering the message or decrypting the message to get the original message is impossible. This is because prior to encryption a random series injection distorted the message.

With the Revelation by NSA spy leaker Edward Snowden, that NSA and GCHQ agencies have bought into vendor systems, it is imperative to beat this notion that the more money you have the better geared you are to collusion with Major vendors. Well, this RSA 316 Cryptosystem, was designed effectively to put a cutthroat on that specific notion.

It is meant for encrypting text messages strictly, and doesn't do for bulk encryption as RSA was never meant for bulk encryption considering the cost of generating large Big Integer Primes, and the process or cycle of encryption/decryption which is further expensive.

Welcome to the unbreakable RSA 316 bit CryptoSystem only known as "RSA316 Infinito".

You should note that this cryptosystem software generates actual primes, and it is therefore costly and takes up to 2 hours and 35 minutes generating viable keys roughly on tests. Also note that the encryption and decryption cycles are time consuming so you should only encrypt limited amounts of text.

This is bravado from the Medallion himself.

Happy New Year GCHQ plus your friends at NSA. The world is safer now.