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This software is for Structural Engineering professionals, used to design High rise structures.

It is used to model high rise structures, and analyses bending moments, shear force distributions and rotations and displacements of relative structural joints depending on a defined structure.

Printing facilities, and Views have been integrated: this software is geared towards professional structure engineers.

FEM (finite element analysis methods of modelling structures) is key as a Civil/Structural Engineering Software. Also example Solutions included in product - in the directory ProblemSolutions where they can be loaded from the installation directory. Capability for Database SQL Server Express and Oracle10g XE incorporated Plus any ADO.NET DBs. This allows Steel properties to be persisted in DB and acquired from DB. All you need is a properties table in your DB with the steel properties as columns. You should also set a primary key (propertyNumber) in DB.

It solves structural problems in building design of huge dimensions. Printing, DB Integration are part of the package.

With clarity, a problem is defined, and can be altered from loading it and saving it against a name. Very reliable, solutions and quick mathematical problems are rendered perfectly over a range of functions: Joint translations, rotations in radians, bending moment distrubutions and shear force distributions with safety factors are accrued as a result of a solution.

Depending on the screen size, problems of high magnitude can be resolved instantly with ultimate accuracy and definition.