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martin.okello, 22/02/2019 02:27:53

Epsilon Communique Churra allows you to communicate in real-time with a multi group of people over an ultra secure network - AES 256 bit File Transfers allows encryption of any file types: Image, Video, word, excel etc. An enhanced Winforms client interface with multi-threading giving short response times.

Ultimate Luo RSA Pyramid Maths Algorithm

Unlike its sibbling applications Epsilon Communique or VPN, Churra integrates RSA 316 Infinito for encrypting complex short messages
for ultimate security as it's got in its DNA trend a mechanism for defence mutations, hence its name. Given to Churra in Luo language that recognises the
maths adept in Pyramid building in 5000BC. RSA 316 Infinito is not for communication but simply to protect short files on the local machine.
These Key file storage can also be persisted to Database and Local File System.

It provides all the basic functionality of Skype/MSN Messenger, however detracts from those applications by allowing a secure Virtual Private Network communication that can't be hacked into from outside the communicating group of individuals. It uses AES 256 bit, TripleDES (3DES), RSA (512 bit, 1024 bit, 2048 bit and 4096 bit) according to user preference.

Great Job.


administrator, 07/02/2016 04:41:52

Dear Very Kind Clients,

All these products sold at MartinLayooInc site are meant for Windows Operating system, and have been tested to run on all Windows systems from XP to Windows 10.

If you are experiencing any problems running them on Windows, then indeed they require Administrative Permissions. So you should gain administrative privileges by right clicking any app icon, and selecting properties on Windows 10, and in compatibility mode, choose run application as Administrator. Also ensure that when you choose administrative permissions; you also enable other users to run as administrator on the same machine.

This product is only licensed to the buyer, and copyrighted (c) as Intellectual Property of MartinLayooInc. All rights to modify or tamper with any product on the site requires authorization by the owner (MartinLayooInc).

Kind regards
Martin Okello
BEng. MSc.

administrator, 28/09/2015 08:19:47

Check out this amazing RSA 4096 bit cryptosystem.

RSA 4096 bit Image missing

Indeed, the "Medallion" has Risen Again

Ultimate AES and Ultimate 3DES are folder and file recursive encryption software.

Cryptography software for pure encryption and decryption of files and folders.

Recursive folder or single file encryption allows encryption of any file types. Image, Video, word, excel etc.

Please note that when performing Folder encryptions you should make a backup of your folder as files are overwritten. Do not attempt to encrypt Operating System folders as this will delete the folders after encryption and could cause windows errors.

To Encrypt: Type text into the Encrypt Area or alternatively open a Text file into this area. Email attachments are encrypted accordingly, and recoverable by using the keystore.ks file in place under installation directory. Also you should know that keys can be stored anywhere of choice on the drive via the store key menu in the File Menu.

Please use carefully.

The Medallion has spoken wise words. Better a known entity with its limitations, than an unknown one with greater promise. - "(Robert Ludlum)"

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