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martin okello, 11/03/2014 12:30:13
Epsilon Communique Client has been further improved to remove the headache of UI threads being starved, due to RSA slow encryption procedures.

This was done by using Delegates to run asynchronously in the background and Thread Marshaling with UI threads to improve performance.

The result is now an improved user experience, since messages are queued and decrypted, the messages with respect to RSA become asynchronously delivered and not in the order they where meant to be. This prickle is something that was intended in the design to improve User interactivity.

That is the latest on Epsilon Communique.

Martin Okello
Aka The medallion
administrator, 25/03/2010 10:18:00
Hi Customers,

As you may now be aware from the Bloggs discussion on Disqus, all the 3 RSA Crypto-systems have been duly upgraded to allow Keys to be stored on the fly any where on the File system as well as Loaded from any where on the fly from the file system yet again.

Of course this convenience adds on the same pattern that requires passwords when saving keys. At any instance of a store key operation, the current password in the password text box in the main application will be used as the password that will store your key under. There is a default password which should be overwritten if you want to take advantage of this system.

So enjoy the Cryptsystems mentioned, and forward any requests via Disqus blogs or through the Forums section of the site.

Martin Okello
Aka The Medallion,
Martin Okello, 05/01/2010 01:24:00
Dear Clients/Customers,

Of recent, I have upgraded all the applications on this site with latest additions and patches.

Ultimate 3DES and Ultimate AES, now can progressively store keys to any File (keystore of choice) any where on the computer. Loading keys from any key store on the fly is a given as well. You don't have to rely on the default key store anymore. This gives the distinct advantage of ensuring nobody knows what key store was used to encrypt any communique apart from requesting the key store from the User directly.

Also Email attachments can be encrypted or sent plain, as the choice is with the User of the Application. Extended aspects for Printing of Communiques have been included in Ultimate AES and Ultimate 3DES as well as additions for single File Encryption/Decryption procedures.

RSA Crypto systems have all had a revamp to ensure keys are generated appropriately. Have fun and enter the realms of Espionage my Friend.

Martin Okello
Aka The Medallion.
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