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Martin Okello, 21/12/2009 08:19:00
Setting Epsilon ASP.net Management Portal:

Open up IIS, under the default website, add a new virtual directory this by right clicking and choosing the option. Name the virtual directory accordingly (for i.e.: EpsilonCommuniquePortal would be the name), then browse to the root folder of the asp.net application, and click ok.

Now from IIS again with the created directory selected, right click it and choose convert to application. You are all set with only one thing. Go to the ASP.net web.config.xml file under your root folder, and configure your database connection string. Also run SQL Management Studio on creating your database, and execute the .sql file included in the download. You are all set. Have fun!!!
Martin Okello, 19/11/2009 10:27:00
EpsilonVPN Communique/Solution:

File transfers are done with AES 256 bit encryption, and transfered that way. The files are transfered to any participating clients in a conversation.

Also, you should note that, as opposed to saving a transfered file individually, the file is saved automatically on any client machine transfered to (in the conversation), and the receipient notified of the location which is under the Client Application installation directory. This negates file type problems.

Another addition to the Client application is the ability for invoking a client; who then decides if they want to accept you in their converation or not. This means you can limit those you want to communicate with - giving you an advantage over unwanted guests/eavesdroppers.

Martin Okello
Aka The Medallion.
Martin Okello, 19/10/2009 12:00:00
Improvements to EpsilonVPN Solution/Communique:

As a result of thorough regression tests, I have ironed out most of the Bugs in the Printing of Communications between Clients.

At this stage all is good, and would like to hear user's improved experiences regarding this. Further on RSA encryption has been rectified, however keys and padding though effective - times exist when the old bug crops up where encrypted text is not fully obtained. This mostly happens as a result of the padding algorithm which can't be improved. You are advised to stick to 3DES, and AES in cases where you require to send Bulky Communiques, otherwise, low range rsa up to 2048 bit is deemed safe for small encryption procedures.

Martin Okello.
Aka The Medallion
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