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guest, 28/03/2009 12:18:00 Delete post| Update post
UltimateAESCryptoSystem and Ultimate3DESCryptoSystems showed incredible problems with file extensions.

A bug that generally degraded the performance, where by in place encryption meant a file extension had to be incorporated in the resultant encrypted file name. This issue has been resolved by in-place encryption where by files retain their names and extensions.

Thanks to Martin Okello, Aka The Medallion: his superior programming and analytical skills shone through to resolve this issue.

Ultimate Cryptography Team
guest, 13/02/2009 05:30:00 Delete post| Update post
Dear Clients,

I have looked at the file extension problem which indeed would become a major headache.

My implementation suggests that a folder should either have a file with an extension or it should have a name greater than three charachters long.

This is no bug, but if it is reported again, then I will address it. It is the implementation that I used to address files without extensions. Remember, in order to open a file after decrypting, it should be noted what file extension it has; that way it is associated with a Program that opens it.

Like I said this statement is important for the Cryptosystem processing.

Hope that helps.
Martin Okello
Aka The Medallion
guest, 02/02/2009 06:51:00 Delete post| Update post
EpsilonVPN Solution Requires the Visual J# redistributable installed on any machine running the client. Make sure you visit microsoft.com for this redistributable which will have to be installed before running the program.

Another Bug in Epsilon is when generating DES Keys. When the Button to generate DES key is clicked on, there might not be resolution in terms of the key. If you don't get a prompt that suggests DES keys are set, then regenerate the key.

This bug is to do with multithreading environment that the application is run on. Still being investigated further.

Aka The Medallion
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