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guest, 02/01/2009 10:02:00 Delete post| Update post
Hi all Dedicated Cryptoanalysts,

I have approached a majority of you with no success in persuading you to try out EpsilonVPN Solution which is the ultimate secure communication software like Skype Or Messenger MSN. At this juncture in time EpsilonVPN Solution has passed tests of transmission over a home network incorporating 3 computers interacting. These tests refer to 3DES, RSA 512, 1024, 2048 bit cryptosystems; however RSA4096 bit crytposystem is so demanding on computer resources that it doesn't comply in terms of accurate key generation as most people can attest to.

I will address the implementation of RSA 4096 bit soon but depends on Java's prime number generation in their BigInteger class implementation, which makes it impossible to determine whether a key is fully accurate. This is time consuming and apologise to any body interested in such strong encryption.

However that said, all the rest of the cryptosystems which are user defined according to preference are effective according to tests. I had like feed back from those geeks who would like or show an interest in Cryptography especially the GCHQ crew of nerds.
administrator, 22/12/2008 12:00:00 Delete post| Update post
Hi GCHQ Staff,

I have unleashed the most dreaded 4096 bit RSA Cryptosystem for sale at my site:

Following that there will be a 256 bit AES - advanced encryption standard software in time at the same site.

This is a time to exploit my skills base. You can't beat my RSA 256 Cryptosystem with mutating padding algorithm; and doubt you will ever beat the RSA 4096 Cryptosystem.

I look forward to a compromise: by means of a Job offer some where in London or contratual positions that I can work from Home in.

I am wedging a CryptoSystem war, which obviates the need for the development of applications to hack into your computers. I am content with my efforts so far of which most aren't published in fear of prosecution.

Aka The Medallion.
P.S. Will you visit my site to see the latest developments????
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Hi Enthusiasts,

This is to let you know MartinLayooInc. has got a support network who can contract on your site; developing standalone desktop applications as well as Web applications using LinQ, NHibernate, AJAX, JQuery, XML, XHTML, and the integration of DB services Oracle, SQLServer or any first rate database.

At this stage I am offering applications at a low price in comparison to my competitors. I as well sell the products on this site via 31 Company affiliates who can be found by googling a product name.

The Prices on this site are the cheapest in this respect.
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