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Some of the Artefacts Integrated into the Application Include the following

Private And Public Classrooms Online For Discussions

There are 2 classes that can be booked for discussions. One is private and only Tutor invites are taken into class, while there is an open class that allows any students to schedule and join discussions at will given the time allotment and requirements for a Discussion are prevalent to their success.

Other features not mentioned anywhere else include Online Shop, for artefacts, Integration with Paypal, Downloadable Media including Videos and Documents, both Free and Paid for assigned by Tutors

Teacher Calendar And Student Calendars

An integrated Calendar booking system is in place to show day, month, Year and Times for scheduled meet ups, where you have one on one time with Tutors for Continual Learning.

Vital features for Reporting and Gathering Statistical information on Student performances have been integrated. With downloadable reports on items such as Mean, Median and Number Of Students earning grades across Roles, Subjects, over periods of time can be generated too.

Assignment Distribution By Roles, Subjects, and Marking and Grading System

Assignments can be assigned to individuals or Categories/Roles without difficulty, and submitted online for grading. Teachers can include notes for Students where they can improve on, on grading the assignments. Graded and Submitted Assignments can then be viewed by Students, with help notes to improve their learning curve.